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Emergency Beacon

Emergency Beacon was made as a tool to help victims of natural disasters, falls, avalanches, or any other incident where they need to be rescued. The app features the ability to send your current gps coordinates by email or sms to a list of preset contacts, a built-in emergency survival guide, and an audible alarm to help rescue teams find your exact location. Since its release in 2011, Emergency Beacon has been downloaded over 27,000 times between 85 countries.



Ohana is an open source framework for working with a user's contacts on the iOS platform. It provides a component-based architecture for loading and processing contacts, as well as managing state such as contact selection and tagging. Whether loading contacts to display to a user, or processing contact data programatically, Ohana provides a simple, but extensible, framework for contact access in your application. I developed Ohana while working at Uber in 2016.

Hexadecimal Keyboard

Hexadecimal Keyboard is for you if you ever find yourself working with lists of hex values. Perfect for designers and developers alike, Hexadecimal Keyboard provides the ability to easily type out hex values on your iOS device without switching back and forth between keyboard views. Additionally, with a one-time in-app purchase, you can use your iOS device as a remote hexadecimal keyboard for any Mac running the free HexConnect software, which can be downloaded from our website,


SimPermissions is an open source macOS menu bar app that lets you manage individual app permissions on the iOS simulator. First, select a simulator. You will then see a list of permissions that have been set on that simulator. Each item has an option to grant/revoke that permission, or clear it completely.

iOS Keyboard Install

iOS Keyboard Install is a web-based instructional guide to installing a custom keyboard on the iOS platform. It was created for developers to be able to spend more time working on their keyboards and less time writing install instructions for them. The project is open source and available on GitHub.
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